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Florida Council on crime and delinquency

Fostering interagency collaboration of all criminal justice entities, providing relevant training, and encouraging community service throughout the State of Florida.

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About our membership scout....

The Membership Scout is selected as one who has been instrumental in drawing new membership into our organization. Since October 1st, Jacalyn Mike has referred 46 new members to the Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency.

Let's learn more about Jacalyn who was selected as our 2nd quarter membership scout  

Sergeant Jacalyn Mike started her Department of Corrections career 23 years ago, on January 09, 2001.  Not long after she began her career as a Correctional Officer at Lowell Correctional Institute, she became a young wife and mother. Although it was hard, she left home every day to fulfill her employment obligations and ensured her co-workers made it home to their families, as well as ensuring that all inmates had a safe environment to live in.

Sergeant Mike worked any shift and any post. She excelled at any responsibility that she was tasked with. So much so, that she was promoted to Sergeant. Once again, she excelled at all tasks placed before her, she worked with new staff, making sure to spend time training them on policy and procedure. She also encourages them, while the inmates are incarcerated, to remember to treat the inmates with respect.  Due to her hard work, she was able to join the administration team. Like any other time, she excelled in her position, and soon after was offered a lateral transfer to Florida Women's Reception Center as the Recruiter. Like Lowell, she quickly earned the respect of her Administration and her co-workers.

Sergeant Mike, from the start, was and still is a person who is willing to go above and beyond for her co-workers. She is the type of person who you can confide in and will give great advice on both personal and professional matters. She has made many friends over her time at the Department, from the newest officer to Regional Directors, and everyone in between. She treats everyone she greets, with respect and a friendly smile.   When someone goes to Florida Women's Reception Center, you can be sure she will be one of the first people they stop by to say hi to.

She joined Chapter 18, of the Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency, as a new charter member in 2011. Once again, she set a goal, but this time it was to help those in need. She showed up, recruited many, and volunteered, always working in the background. When one event ended, she looked around and asked, "What's next, and what can I do to help?"  In her quiet way, she has become a very valuable member of F.C.C.D. She is currently serving as Chapter 18's Secretary, and still to this day asks, "What's next, and what can I do to help?"

She set and met many goals for herself, in both her personal and professional life. She married her husband in 2002. She has raised three children, one son, and two daughters.  All with successful careers.  Her youngest admired her so much, she chose to follow her mother's path and became a correctional officer herself.   Little Mike, as she is affectionately known, is known to have the same work ethic as her mom, she is quickly becoming the next rising star. Little Mike, shared a secret with her mom this past Christmas, she is expecting Sergeant Mike's third grandchild in July of 2024.

 If you ask Sergeant Mike now, her two grandchildren are her greatest joy, so much, so that she is eagerly anticipating her third. Any weekend, you can find her with them and her husband. When she isn't with them, she is thrifting, finding the nearest yard sale, or hanging out with her friends.  If you haven't met her, and you are in the area, stop by at F.W.R.C., and meet her, you won't regret it.

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