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Florida Council on crime and delinquency

Fostering interagency collaboration of all criminal justice entities, providing relevant training, and encouraging community service throughout the State of Florida.

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About our membership scout....

The Membership Scout is selected as one who has been instrumental in drawing new membership into our organization. Since February 1st, Jose Sanchez has referred 31 new members to the Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency.

Let's learn more about Jose who was selected as our 3rd quarter membership scout  

With a childhood aspiration to serve in law enforcement, Jose Sanchez embarked on a journey that traversed various roles within the field. Beginning with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Explorer program, he immersed himself in the world of law enforcement. In August 2005, he took his first step into the profession as a member of the Moore Haven Correctional Facility (GEO), where he tackled every position with unwavering determination.

Jose's dedication and knowledge propelled him forward, earning him the rank of sergeant. However, he soon realized that his true calling lay elsewhere. In November 2010, he transitioned to the Clewiston Police Department as a police officer, only to discover that his passion resided in corrections.

Returning to his roots in February 2012, Jose rejoined the team at Moore Haven Correctional, this time with CCA. He climbed the ranks through hard work and perseverance to become a Lieutenant.

In April 2018, he embraced a new challenge with the Florida Department of Corrections, starting his journey at Charlotte Correctional before transferring to Okeechobee Correctional in February 2019. It was there that he found not only professional fulfillment but also love, meeting his wife and sharing five wonderful years.

Two years ago, Jose became involved with the FCCD, where his passion for making a positive impact within the organization flourished. He eagerly accepted when the opportunity arose to lead as president after the previous leader's transfer. He is committed to fostering excellence within the chapter and is dedicated to effecting meaningful community change.

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