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Florida Council on crime and delinquency

Fostering interagency collaboration of all criminal justice entities, providing relevant training, and encouraging community service throughout the State of Florida.

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state board committees




Affiliation Liaison  Cecilia Denmark                
Awards / Scholarships Coordinator  Maria DiBernardo
  Academic Scholarships                           Matthew Page
  Bill Bedingfield Scholarship Maria DiBernardo
  CPOF Scholarship Jim Freeman
  Ray D. McCleese Scholarship Cherlanda Chiverton
  Chapter Effectiveness Award Dorothy Stafford
  Community Service Award Yasmin Cardenas
  Distinguished Service Award Michelle King
  Training Award Michele Willforth
  Re-Entry Award Chris Southerland
 Chapter President Liaison  Shelley Liddle
 Chapter Training Funds  Michele Willforth
 Community Service Project   Donna Wiebe
 Constitution and By-Laws  Jim King
 Fiscal Review  Fred Schuknecht
 Graphics Coordinator  Nina Hall
 Historian  Mark Danford
 Hotel Liaison  Gina Giacomo
 Legal Advisor   Louis Vargas
 Legislative Action & Resolutions  Gina Giacomo
 L.L. Wainwright Award  Angela Gordon
 Lifetime Members   Gail Page
 Long Range Planning   Mike Page
 Membership Statewide - Chair  Shelley Liddle
 Merchandising  Mary Taylor
   Pat Honour
   T. R. Page
 Networking  Donnie Segree
   Angie Segree
 Nominations Chair  Carol Starling
 Parliamentarian  Jim Currington
 Past President Liaison  
 Publications Chair / Councilor & Program
  Kelly Cotton
 Supervisor of Elections  Mike Page
 Time and Place  Laura Bedard
 Webmaster  Shelley Liddle

Annual Training Institute



 Audio Visual & Training Credit Terry Lamoreaux
 Audio Visual & Moderators Tim Strickland
 Cornhole Tournament Aaron Dougherty
 Decorations Michele Willforth
 Door Prize Dawn Dinatale
 Institute Finance Christina Crews
 Institute Program Coordinators Fran Barber
  Brandi Stough
 Golf Tournament Shelley Liddle
 Institute Manager Merrell Colchiski
 Institute Registration Julie Crews
 Registration Bags  Tina Morgan
 Security Jess Baldridge
 Silent Auction Janine Cannon
 Technical Assistant Ron Shute
 Training Co - Chairpersons Katherine Gomez
  Gabe Simpson
  Sonia Taylor
 Vendors  Sandra Ferguson
  Michelle Jordan
  Hope Simpson
 Wellness Fun Run Sharla Cooley

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