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Greetings from the President....

Greetings everyone,

FINALLY…. The 91st Annual Training Institute in Orlando is quickly approaching, one year ago we faced the uncertainty that it might not happen. Thankfully we are seeing a return to normalcy that everyone is welcoming as the pandemic becomes a reflection in the rearview mirror.

After 495 days since our last in person meeting, the State Board was able to physically convene at The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach. Seeing everyone was like a reunion of your favorite family members. The meeting was a great success as we partnered with the Beach House, a facility for runaway juveniles and RAP, a residential substance abuse program for adolescents as a community service project. A huge thank you to Donna Wiebe, Community Service Chair, as we were able to present Pam Palmer, Director of Residential Service with over $2000 in donated items, cash, and gift cards. Our training event for the meeting, we had the honor of hearing from the current Miss Florida Michaela McLean, current Miss Gainesville Outstanding Teen Alexandria DeRoos, and Lindsay Bettis from Advanced Recovery Systems. These ladies presented Real Talk which is a comprehensive, educational program designed for high school and college students that discusses the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Sponsored by Advanced Recovery Systems since 2016, Real Talk highlights the realities and differences between mental and physical effects of alcohol on the brain, as well as emerging trends among youth regarding experimentation with different substances.

This year’s institute promises to be exceptional with many nationally recognized trainers and speakers scheduled throughout the 91st Annual Training Institute in Orlando. Chief Laura Bedard (Seminole County Sheriff’s Office), Chair of the Training Committee, has been working hard to secure many dynamic speakers to cover relevant issues that the criminal justice occupation is facing in our current social climate, I encourage you to make the commitment to be there. If you have attended an Institute before, you know what a great opportunity it is to experience the outstanding training, to share in the networking and fellowship. If you have not attended, this is your year.

I am extremely honored to be honored to be part of the FCCD family and truly appreciate all the support from so many wonderful people though the past 15 challenging months. THANK YOU to everyone for your dedication and essential contribution to the success of this great organization.

I look forward to seeing and meeting many members at the 91st Institute in Orlando!

Shelley Liddle

State President

Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency

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