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Fostering interagency collaboration of all criminal justice entities, providing relevant training, and encouraging community service throughout the State of Florida.

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Greetings from the President....

Greetings everyone,

Our State, Country and World is seeing a mass Global pandemic develop, which has changed the way we interact with each other. Terms like social distancing have become a “new temporary” norm. As an organization, we are monitoring events surrounding the pandemic, and will make necessary changes if needed to our planned events. In the meantime, please follow the CDC’s recommendations – don’t venture out unless necessary, maintain 6 feet of distance from others, wash your hand frequently, and if you are sick – Stay Home!!

During our second quarter board meeting, 26 chapters were represented. Those chapters were challenged with bringing in new membership to the organization, along with providing service projects to their area communities and relevant training to their members.  Just among 4 chapters (Chapters 15, 17, 24 and 31) brought in 153 new members! Congratulation to Chapter 31, Aaron Dougherty for 88 new members and winning the three-night stay certification to the Trump National Resort in Doral. The same challenge is in place for the next board meeting. Remember, our membership is what sustains our organization and allows us to continue to provide community service assistance and support as well as the training opportunities that enhance our on-the-job skills as well as our personal growth and well-being. During our meeting we heard from three leaders within the Bay County region regarding the mental health status among with children within the school system. They provided a valuable insight into the plight they are facing with school age children and their response in providing the appropriate treatment and counseling. Our Community Service for the board meeting consisted of two projects, the Statewide project of collecting supplies for the School district, which you will read in an article within the Councilor. Thank you, Donna Wiebe, for chairing the Community Service projects again this year and the second project was a polar plunge prior to the board meeting on Saturday morning. members braved with cold air temperature of 47 degrees to plunge or dip into the 53-degree waters for St. Andrew’s Bay.

Plans are coming together for a return to Panama City Beach Sheraton Golf Resort and Spa for the 91st Annual Institute, August 24 – 27, 2020. The link to make you resort reservations and institute registration are available here on the website. The training workshops planned will be a tremendous resource of information for our members in the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems.

Please be safe and maintain your social distance. Reach out to those near and dear via social media, email, text message as social contact is needed to maintain out mental well-being.  

Shelley Liddle

State President

Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency

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